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Our Philosophy

Privately owned and operated, Sunny Day Care & Montessori offers an environment for children which encourages growth and learning at his or her own pace. With warmth and understanding, we build a strong foundation for each child to be independent, self-confident, socially and cognitively ready for the future. Our loving, dedicated staff makes Sunny Day Care & Montessori a home away from home.

Our program is designed to:

  • maintain quality care in a child's life through consistent caregiving.
  • advise of potential problems in physical, intellectual or emotional development of their child.
  • promote effective communication between the Center, staff and parents.
  • encourage parental involvement through observation, visitation and participation in the program.
  • provide parental orientation in policies, procedures, and philosophy of the Center.
  • provide a healthy, happy and loving atmosphere for each and every child in its care.

Our commitment to your child:

  • to provide opportunities for being with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.
  • to provide appropriate play experiences that contribute to the developmental needs of your child.
  • to provide opportunities for meaningful play that is based on your child's individual needs, interests, and abilities, and that will build important foundations for future reading skills and other academic pursuits.
  • to provide a happy and loving environment where your child will feel comfortable and at home.
  • to guide your child through the traumatic separation period from you.
  • to interact with respect and affection, talking at your child's eye level.
  • to encourage development of appropriate independence.
  • to be available and responsive to your child, listening, encouraging, and sharing experiences.
  • to provide positive role modeling and identification that guides and directs children.
  • to set reasonable and consistent limits.
  • to be a resource for recommendations about concerns with your child's growth and development.
  • to treat your child as an individual.
  • to provide opportunity for sibling interaction.

Our commitment to you (the parent):

  • to provide care for your child while you pursue your own work or other interests.
  • to provide peace of mind for you knowing your child is happy.
  • to provide you with a report on your child's progress and activities.
  • to make you feel welcome to visit anytime because the Center is the your child's "home away from home".

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