Enrollment Details

Enrollment is open to any child, provided the school can meet the child's needs without discrimination of sex, race, color, creed, or political belief. The center accepts children from six weeks through six years of age on a full or part time basis. There are separate areas for infants, toddlers, and preschool/kindergarten. The children are moved to the different rooms after specific developmental advances; not necessarily by their ages.

Sunny Day Care & Montessori reserves the right to drop a child for reasons of non-cooperation, delinquency in payment of fees, or inability of child or parent to adjust to the Center's program, hours or policies.

If the child is withdrawn by the parents, the Center must be given two weeks notice prior to withdrawal. If the Center is not given this required notice, the parent is obligated to pay the equivalent fees. Anytime a child is withdrawn, his place may be filled by someone on the waiting list. In order for the child to be re-enrolled, an opening will have to be available.

At time of enrollment, please bring the following:

  • Immunization Record
  • $25.00 Registration Fee
  • Parent Contract
  • Emergency Card/Permission Statement

Within two weeks, the following is required:

  • Physician completed health form
  • Child's Developmental History

Health Requirements

An immunization record and permission statement by parent to authorize emergency medical care is required upon enrollment of every child. A physical health appraisal form is due two weeks after a child's initial attendance and the form must be updated by a physician every two years.

What if my child becomes ill during the day?

Should a child seem ill during the day, the child will be isolated, made comfortable and parents called. Parents are required to notify the Center whenever a child has been exposed to a contagious disease and in turn the Center will then notify every child's parent. The child must be picked up immediately if he/she is vomiting, has unexplained diarrhea, a fever over 101 or symptoms of a contagious illness. The child may not return to day care until the child is fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication.

Center and Staff Health Guidelines

Staff have regular physical exams with health reports on record (to be updated every two years). Special attention will be given to dietary/medical considerations of a child. The Center and equipment are well maintained; medicines and cleaning supplies are locked, toys and napping cots are disinfected daily. Staff's hands are washed before feeding and after diapering, children wash hands after using the toilet, playing outside and before meals. Special attention is given to prevent illness and accidents through universal precautions and promoting a safe environment. Children will be educated in health and safety. Staff is trained in C.P.R. and First Aid


In the event of a medical emergency or accident, the Center will first attempt to contact the parents and the child's own physician. The Center is also located near excellent hospital services should such be required in an emergency. Part of the parent's agreement is their authorization for Sunny Day Care, Inc. to contact their family doctor and take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary for the care and protection of the child.

Does the Center provide food? Bottles? Diapers? Etc?

Disposable diapers, ointment and wipes, etc. are provided by the Center. When the parents feel the child is ready to start toilet training, the Center will provide pull-ups and training pants are encouraged and the Center will work with the parents on this accomplishment. A change of clothing for all children should be left at the Center. Babies and toilet trainers require two changes of clothing.

For babies on breast milk, the breastmilk must be provided and already prepared in bottles by the parent; for formula-fed babies, the formula must be provided and parents need only the clean empty bottles, our Staff will prepare the bottles. The Center provides whole milk each day for children drinking milk. If the child is on baby food, the parent must provide this. Please label all food and bottles with the child's name and contents.

Children attending the Center at the time of meals and snacks will sit down as a class and eat. Parents must bring in a lunch for children that are on solid food. The Center will provide breakfast (if the child did not eat at home), mid-morning snack, beverage for lunch, and mid-afternoon snack. Hot lunches are available for a fee (see Lunch Program). Menu information is available to parents. The parents of infants and toddlers are informed daily what the child has eaten. Special dietary considerations are respected. Meal time is relaxed, pleasant, and a learning experience. Age appropriate finger foods are provided. Snacks that meet the State's nutritional requirements are also provided twice daily.

Rest or Nap Time

There is a quiet time in the afternoon for all children. Children are expected to rest quietly on cots. As the child wakes up, if other children are still sleeping, the caregiver will direct the child in a quiet activity. Babies also requiring a morning nap will be in a quiet area when they are sleeping. Cot sheets and crib sheets are provided, a small blanket and pillow can be sent for your child to use at rest time

Staff Ratio

In following the rules of the State of Michigan, the Center maintains a children to staff ratio of 4 to 1 children under the age of 2 1/2. The rules for children over the age of 2 1/2 is a children to staff ratio of 10 to 1. In keeping with the Center's goals of a happy and secure environment for the children, a smaller child-to-staff ratio is the Center's goal during the busy times of the day.


The objective of the Center is to encourage self-control, self-direction, self-esteem and cooperation among the children. No harsh, frightening or corporal punishment or methods of discipline will be used on any child at any time by any person. No gestures, threats or abrasive language will ever be used toward any child and the exercising of any of the above mentioned is grounds for job dismissal.

Discipline will never be associated with eating, napping, or toilet habits. No discipline or punishment will be done that will emotionally or physically harm the child for any reason or possibly prove embarrassing to the child. Discipline will be handled, as the situation deems necessary. Putting off the discipline will cause the child to forget about his or her inappropriate behavior.

The staff will intervene when necessary. For example, when children are fighting, a child is in danger of hurting himself or others, etc.

The staff member will reflect on the child's behavior. The teacher will state her feelings about the situation. For example, "You are throwing blocks and I am concerned that when you do this, you may hurt someone". The child is given alternatives to choose. For example, "You can build a house with the blocks". It may be necessary to warn a child of the consequences if he continues with the inappropriate behavior. For example "If you throw another block, I will help you find another activity to do". The staff member will follow through with her warning if necessary.

The Time Out Method will be administered firmly but calmly removing the child from his group activity, sitting him down by himself and explaining that his behavior and actions cannot be accepted: that he is endangering his safety as well as the other children's. Then he would be told what he is doing wrong and then have some supervised quiet time to himself in order to think about his wrong doings and how he thinks he can correct them in consideration of all those around him.

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