What our Parents are saying about Sunny Day Care:

"When we were expecting our first child, we didn't know exactly what we should be looking for in a daycare center, so we went with Sunny Day primarily because it was close to our home. But we truly couldn't have been happier with the results. Not only did we feel good about the people who were looking after our daughter, and the care she was receiving, but also, we saw the staff go above and beyond the call of duty numerous times to ensure the well-being of our child and, frankly, our family. SDC offers invaluably detail-oriented, personal attention to each family, and that's something I don't think all daycare centers offer."

~ Jenn M.

"Want to say a big thanks to all at Sunny Day Care for the exceptional care our daughter receives with you guys - not only does she have fun, but it is apparent that she thrives at SDC. I think you're doing an exceptional job."

~ David L.

"Our 15 month old daughter has been here since she was 12 weeks old, and I can firmly say that I am SO glad I chose SDC for her. She attends full-time, and receives such exceptional care from her teachers. The hours are perfect for me and I love that diapers, wipes, sheets,whole milk, snacks, activities, playtime outside, finger painting, etc, Valentine's Day party, Halloween party, etc for the kids are all included in the tuition rate. My daughter really has FUN here and I even feel guilty sometimes when I pick her up early because I know she's just having a ball with all of her friends! Also, the daily written reports that I get are the highlight of my day and really give me a peek into how her day went while I was at work. I absolutely LOVE all of the staff and can tell that my daughter has really blossomed under your care and encouragement. With #2 on the way this summer, I feel so relaxed knowing I already have his/her day care all lined up through SDC."

~ Kathryn R.

"We have been with Sunny Day Care for two years and have been pleased with our experience. We chose Sunny Day Care as we wanted a caring environment where caretakers interacted with the children. We knew we had the right environment when we saw the caretakers playing with the children on the floor mats in the infant/toddler room. We also wanted consistent caregivers (e.g. low turnover) and have been very pleased with the consistency in staffing. Our daughter has moved into the preschool room and has enjoyed her school experience. Overall we would reccomend Sunny Day Care as they have provided a very safe, caring environment for our child."

~ Jeanne W.

"As a teacher, I wanted a Montessori Preschool that could enrich my child and prepare him to enter kindergarten with a well-rounded background. As a parent, I was looking for nurturing teachers who could take care of and love my son while I was away at work. At Sunny Day Care & Montessori I got the best of both worlds. My son has been attending the school for 3 years, and can read, write, make good choices independently, and best of all; he never cries at drop off! He waves good-bye and runs to his teacher for a hug, and has to be dragged away from his friends at pick up. I couldn't have asked more from a school or staff. Going back to work after having a child is tough; Sunny Day made the transition as easy as possible."

~ Melissa S.

"Sunny Day Care was the best find! The staff are truly loving and caring and we truly feel like they are part of our family. Our children love going there everyday and many times they don't want to leave because they are having so much fun with their friends, or because they don't want to stop working on their "special" project for the day. My oldest daughter started Kindergarten this year, and it is clear to my husband and myself that Sunny Day Care has done a fabulous job preparing my children for school. I would recommend Sunny Day Care to everyone!"

~ Nancy V.

"Twelve years ago I was searching for a loving, caring environment for my soon-to-be-born baby. I was going to give this working mom thing a try. After an in-depth search (I am an engineer), the only place I was comfortable leaving my baby was Sunny Day Care. It was the passionate way Molly, in the infant room, described how she cared for and played with babies. Her love for all children was so apparent. My husband agreed. As our children grew and were moved through the age-level rooms, we have found all the teachers share the same love for children. They are partners with us in our girls' education and development. The teachers and staff are responsive to the needs of each individual child. We have had 3 children graduate from Sunny Day Care. It was a bittersweet day when our third daughter graduated as the whole family is sad to see our daily time together at SDC end. We have experienced many life changes over the past decade, and SDC was there to care for our children, teach our children, and provide a nurturing environment during it all. I am blessed to have girls that are better people for their time there. They have healthy friendships, are successful in school, and have a steady moral compass. Our partnership with Sue Casey and the SDC staff helped make this possible."

~ Trudi F.

"We couldn't be happier with Sunny Day Care. Our daughter has been attending since she was 15 weeks old (she is now almost 2). The staff are wonderful and treat her as if she is their own child. She is excited to get to school each day to see her friends and teachers. We like SDC so much we have recommended them to our neighbors who now have their son there. All of the little extras are great too (diapers, wipes, bedding, snacks, milk - all provided by the center). Knowing how much our daughter enjoys being at school and how well she is being cared for made going back to work after my maternity leave much easier."

~ Andrea W.

"Thank goodness we found Sunny Day Care in 2004 when we relocated to the area. I interviewed dozens of places and was disappointed until a coworker recommended SDC. My youngest has been there since she was 6 weeks old and she just turned 4! The love, care and personal attention she gets at SDC puts those big box places to shame! It makes a tremendous difference to have the owner as an active care giver. The education is wonderful! They have respect for children, parents and staff. Thank you Sunny Day Care!"

~ Trish M.

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